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Tan Chui Mui

On A Normal Day, In Three Perspectives

Meeting people online have taken a big part of my life now. After more than one year of lockdown, I had become so used to online film festivals, online talks, online workshops, online masterclasses, online question and answer, online interviews, online festival parties…. I think of all the thing, having my jiu-jitsu class online is still something I can’t get used to. And the daily class feels like a cult gathering….

Video 0: Cleaning Up and Messing Up

I asked Jessie Yap to video me for 2 hours, one day in the office, during the lockdown. The first hour, I was cleaning up and YuZhou was messing up the mats.

The video is recorded through the camera on my laptop. This is how the machine sees us. I must admit, I am often distracted by my own video on the screen, often catching myself staring at my own image.

Video 1: Seen from The Machine
Video 2: Seen on the Laptop Screen

This is the screen capture of an online Brazilian Jiu-jitsu class, it is an online class I attend daily, almost religiously, like a cult thing. 

During the class, seen by Jessie Yap.

Video 3: Seen by Jessie Yap


At the age of 5, TAN Chui Mui made a small wooden stool. At 8, she drove a pickup truck into a column. At 9, she printed a children’s magazine. At 12, she finished reading an Encyclopedia. At 17, she had a column in a student weekly paper. At 21, she received a computer animation degree. At 27, she made her first film Love Conquers All. At 38, she gave birth to a child. At 41, she decided to learn martial arts.