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SeaShorts 2017: S-Express Philippines

Curator: Francis Oggs Cruz

Screening Details:

May 13, 2017   I   2200 – 2300 I  FINDARS Art Gallery


Carlo Manatad / Philippines / 2015 / Philippino / 15min

A dancer in a night club, Junilyn has to learn to moves to attract more customers during the Pope’s visit to the Philippines. But while she rehearses, she is also preparing her bold movie to free herself.


Anj Macalanda / Philippines / 2015 / Philippino / 10min

A young boy’s journey as he and his sister take their father to his final resting place.


Giancarlo Abrahan / Philippines / 2014 / Philippino / 20min

The wife of a middle-aged stone miner bears child while he is in a relationship with an enchanted black figure. A fettered commitment to an unborn child he already loves and a wife he despises torments the man. The enchanted lover offers him uncertain seduction. And he must choose, just as every dark creature must only pick between painful fates.


Kenneth Lim Dagatan / Philippines / 2015 / Philippino / 15min

Marisa, an abortionist, lives in solitude with her secret. Her only contact with the outside world is the occasional patient who wants to get an abortion. Most patients come and out, uncaring and unaware of what happens with their dead offspring. What she does with the fetuses is her second most kept dark secret. When a patient gets some complications from her abortion, Marisa’s secret is revealed and Marisa is resolved to do everything to protect her dark secret.