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Open Screen

In an attempt to respond to the theme of ‘The Future’, the unknown of what’s to come and the limitation of the curation process; we bring you Open Screen, a non-curated programme to enable guests and audience to take up time on the screen to showcase, screen or perform – anything. Short films, video essays, game creations, audio-visual performance, experimental video art, a presentation of your photography; whatever!

The programmers and curators don’t possess power here unlike the other competition and special programmes of SeaShorts; but do play nice, and try to practice discretion (if you can – or should we say, “Screen at Your Own Risk”?). Not for the faint-hearted, Open Screen exists as a free space for the rogue artists and filmmakers scattered in the audience to further surprise and challenge us with works we may not have even considered, in conjunction with the spirit of unpredictability that is the heart of this year’s festival.

Register here for your own screening!

VENUE: Sound Stage, MMU FCA (See photos below)


Open Screen 1: Thursday, 22nd Sept 2022 (2PM – 10PM)

Open Screen 2: Friday, 23rd Sept 2022 (11AM – 4PM)

Open Screen 3: Saturday, 24th Sept 2022 (3PM – 10PM)

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