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SeaShorts 2018: Festival Guests and Biography

Rithy Panh I SeaShorts Competition Jury I Cambodia l Aug 1-5

Rithy Panh is a film documentary director and screenwriter who brought Cambodian cinema to the international stage by being the first to submit Cambodian films for the Oscars. His notable works include: ‘The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine’ (2013), ‘The Missing Picture’ (2013), and ‘First They Killed My Father’ (2017).

Pimpaka Towira l SeaShorts Competition Jury I Thailand l Aug 1-5

Pimpaka was a pioneer among female film directors in the Thai independent film scene since the early 1990s. Her films include ‘One Night Husband’ (2003), ‘The Truth Be Told’ (2007), ‘The Island Funeral’ (2015), all having been collectively played at many international film festivals. Since 2017, she has been the Programme Director of Singapore International Film Festival.

Philip Cheah Hock Leng I SeaShorts Competition Jury I Singapore l July 31-Aug 5

Philip Cheah is film critic and editor of “BigO”, Singapore’s independent publication on pop culture. He works for Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival, Hanoi Film Festival, and Shanghai International Film Festival. He is also a patron of SEA Screen Academy in Indonesia.

Isazaly Mohd Isa l SeaShorts Competition Jury I Malaysia l Aug 2-5

Isazaly is a certified trainer for Blackmagicdesign and co-founder of kino-i, a Malaysian digital production house. He has been actively involved in Malaysian and Singaporean productions, garnering national endorsements such as Profesional-Tier in “Editing” by the Content Creative Industry Guild of Malaysia, and the National Certified Film/Video Editor by the Ministry Of Human Resource.

Mira Lesmana l Next New Wave Competition Jury I Indonesia l Aug 1-5

Mira Lesmana is an Indonesian film producer whose works range from highest box office numbers successes [(‘What’s Up with Love?’ (2002), ‘The Rainbow Troops’ (2008), ‘What’s Up with Love? 2’ (2016)] to critically acclaimed titles [‘Gie’ (2005), ‘3 Days to Forever’ (2007), ‘Emma’’ (2016)].

Liew Seng Tat I Next New Wave Award Competition Jury I Film Representative I Malaysia l Aug 1-5

A filmmaker with a unique comedic voice. His debut feature ‘Flower in the Pocket’ (2007) swept multiple awards and prizes in numerous international film festivals including Busan, Rotterdam, Fribourg, and Pesaro.

Thaiddhi I Next New Wave Award Competition Jury I Myanmar S-Express Programer I Myanmar l Aug 1-5

Thaiddhi is the co-founder and programmer of Wathann Film Festival. Currently, he is focusing on Myanmar’s film development and education while being an active independent filmmaker in Myanmar.

Fransiska Prihadiz l SeaShorts Selection Committee I Indonesia l Aug 3-5

More than just an architect, and entrepreneur, Fransiska is also the Programme Director of Minikino and Minikino Film Week since 2015. Currently, she is preparing a thesis on short film festivals for her Masters of Tourism Studies at Udayana University.

Leong Pui Yee l SeaShorts Selection Committee I Singapore l Aug 1-3

Pui Yee is in charge of film programmes and projects at the OBJECTIFS Centre for Photography and Film. She is also the Programme Manager of the Singapore International Film Festival.

Sanchai Chotirosseranee l SeaShorts Selection Committee I Thailand S-Express Programmer I Thailand l Aug 2-5

Sanchai Chotirosseranee is the Deputy Director of Film Archive (Public Organization). He is also a programmer of Thai Short Film and Video Festival, and Thailand’s Silent Film Festival.

Tan Chui Mui l SeaShorts Team Festival Director l Malaysia S-Express Programmer I Malaysia l Aug 1-5

A filmmaker who directs SeaShorts Film Festival and runs workshops for young filmmakers.

Jacky Yeap l SeaShorts Team Festival Programme Manager & Preliminary Selection Committee l ‘My Student Film’ Programmer l  Malaysia l Aug 1-5

In all of his films, there is always a shot showing the words “I Love You Lau Shu Lin”. Jacky said that he will always film this shot until the girl sees it. Eventually, this became his motivation to make more films, his student film as well.

Chloe Yap Mun Ee l SeaShorts Team Preliminary Selection Committee l ‘The Window is Closed, Partially’ Programmer l Malaysia l Aug 1-5

Recently graduated, Chloe is an aspiring filmmaker and video artist. She mostly uses the film and video medium to confront her personal struggles and questions.

Yong Keenen l SeaShorts Team Preliminary Selection Committee l Malaysia l Aug 1-5

A graduate from the London Film School and programmer for Cinephilia.

Park Sung Ho l Cambodia S-Express Programmer I Cambodia l Aug 1-5

Park majored in Cinema at Chung-Ang University. Until 2013, he worked full-time for Busan International Film Festival as program coordinator for Asian Cinema and was the manager for Asian Film Academy. Currently, he is a programmer for Cambodia International Film Festival.

Francis Joseph Ang Cruz I Philippines S-Express Programmer I Philippines l Aug 2-5

A lawyer by profession, Francis Cruz is also a film critic and programmer. He regularly writes for Rappler and Philippine Star and serves as programmer for various local and international festivals.

Manh Cuong Vu I Vietnam S-Express Programmer I Germany l Aug 2-5

Marcus Manh Cuong Vu works as a film programmer, producer, and critic in Ho Chi Minh City. Previously, he was festival director of the Yxine Film Fest from 2010 to 2014.

Hélène Aurélie Amélie Ouvrard l Laos S-Express Programmer I Laos l Aug 1-5

Based in Laos since 2008, Hélène Ouvrard is a consultant working in the Lao cultural sector. She is the co-director of Vientianale Film Festival and also curates programmes consisting of Lao short films for various festivals to promote emerging Lao filmmakers.

Umapagan Ampikaipakan I Panel Talk Moderator I Malaysia l Aug 4-5

Umapagan is BFM89.9’s radio producer and co-host of “The Evening Edition”. He is also a film critic on “At The Movies” and literary critic on “Bookmark”, both being segments on BFM. When not on the radio, he runs the yearly “The Cooler Lumpur Festival” in KL.

Khoo Gaik Cheng I Panel Talk Moderator I Malaysia l Aug 1-10

Khoo Gaik Cheng is Associate Professor at The University of Nottingham where she teaches film and cultural studies. Gaik founded the Association of Southeast Asian Cinemas in 2004. Her publications focus on Malaysian cinema, food and civil society.  

Amir Muhammad I Panel Talk Moderator I Malaysia l Aug 1-6

Amir Muhammad is a Malaysian writer, publisher, and occasional movie-maker. Since 2011, he has run Buku Fixi, a pulp-fiction publishing company which has produced over 170 books to date.

Yow Chong Lee I ‘Love Letter to/ from Japan’ Programmer I Malaysia l Aug 1-5

Happily trapped in the film world, Yow Chong Lee is an academic hoping to lure more young minds and souls into it. Since 2013, he has been directing and programming for Mini Film Festival, the longest existing students’ film festival in Malaysia.

Fabrizio Gilardino I ‘Philms and Cheeps: SEA Animated Snacks’ Programmer I Canada l Aug 1-5

Fabrizio Gilardino is a graphic artist, independent curator, and founder of AWAS! (A Weekend of Animation Shorts). For SeaShorts 2018, Fabrizio has curated a Southeast Asian animation programme. 

Alea Nur Fazlina Binti Abdul Rahim l ShortCuts Film Representative I Malaysia l Aug 1-5

Alea Rahim is the Creative Producer of Astro Shaw, specializing in content development. Alea’s film career began in 2008 when she was in New York working with a crew. She has co-produced two feature films and was the co-organizer of the Shortcuts (2015) program.

Norman Bin Yusoff l ‘Screening Borders and Boundaries’ Programmer I Malaysia l Aug 1-5

Norman Yusoff teaches film studies in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). With articles published in the Asian Cinema and the International Film Guide, he is also a film columnist with Mingguan Malaysia and curates the fortnightly Wayang Budiman programme.

Raymond Phathanavirangoon l Panel Talk Guest I SEAFIC Workshop Speaker I Thailand l Aug 2-5
Raymond Phathanavirangoon is Executive Director of SEAFIC and producer of Boo Junfeng’s APPRENTICE, Pen-ek Ratanaruang’s SAMUI SONG, among others. He previously served as programmer/delegate for Toronto, Hong Kong and Cannes Critics’ Week.

Wakai Makiko l Panel Talk Guest I Japan l Aug 1-5
New Asian Currents coordinator for Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (Japan) since 2005.

Koyo Yamashita l Me and Me’: Female Japanese Animation Artists Now Programmer I Japan l Aug 1-3

Koyo Yamashita is the artistic director of Image Forum, initially established in 1971 as “Underground Film Centre”. Image Forum is Japan’s largest art film festival and the largest one dedicated to the screenings of new experimental films.

Choi Yoon l Fly Workshop Producer I South Korea l Aug 2-5

Choi Yoon is a film producer who has produced notable films such as ‘Blue Swallow’ (2005), ‘Beautiful Sunday’ (2007), and ‘My Father’ (2007). Previously, he served as the director of Busan Film Commission, Busan Asian Film School, and was President of the Asian Film Commissions Network (2016-2018). He was also the executive producer of FLY in 2016 and in 2017.

Thomas Alexander Charles Barker I ‘Mahakarya Pertama’ Programmer I Australia l Aug 1-4

Thomas Barker is a Howard-era refugee from Australia who has since settled in Malaysia where he is Associate Professor and Head of Film and Television at the University of Nottingham.

Gertjan Fokke Zuilhof I ‘Return of the Salt Boy 1,2,3’ Programmer I The Netherlands l Aug 1-5

Gertjan Zuilhof, (born 1955, Netherlands) has been an art-house programmer based in Leiden, his university town, since 1974. He was formerly the programmer of International Film Festival Rotterdam. Currently, he is an independent programmer and exhibition curator.

Zai Kuning I Chronicles of Amnesia Film Director l Film Forum Panel Member l Return of the Salt Boy ‘Riau’ Film Director I Singapore l Aug 1-5

Zai Kuning is considered one of Singapore’s pioneer experimental artists and is recognised for his multitudinous roles, including painter, dancer, poet, sculptor, choreographer, actor, director, musician, playwright and filmmaker.

Adrian Aditya Assarat l Purin Award Sponsor l Film Representative I Thailand l Aug 3-5

Riri Riza I Mahakarya Pertama ‘Sonata Kampung Bata’ Film Director I Indonesia l Aug 3-5

Horikawa Koichi I Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur Director | Sponsor Representative Japan l Aug 1-3

Kurihara Tsuyoshi I Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur Assistant Director & Head of Cultural Affairs Department | Sponsor Representative I Japan l Aug 1-4

Kugai Kyoko I Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur Senior Program Officer | Sponsor Representative I Japan l Aug 1-4

Mohd Sazni Bin Ahmad Salehudin I Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur Programme & Administrative Officer | Sponsor Representative I Japan l Aug 1-4

Ho Hock Doong l Astro A-List l Sponsor Representative l Malaysia l Aug 3-5

Fan Wu l Taiwan International Documentary Festival Programmer l Festival Guest l Taiwan l Aug 1-5

Chen, I-Chun l Taiwan International Documentary Festival Executive Manager l Festival Guest l Taiwan l Aug 1-5

Lin, Pei Jin l Taiwan International Documentary Festival Administration Manager l Festival Guest l Taiwan l Aug 1-5

Bae Joo Hyung l Busan Film Commission Head of Strategy & Business Department | Festival Guest l South Korea l Aug 2-5

Ahn Jihye l Busan Film Commission Education Management Section Chief of Strategy & Business Department | Festival Guest l South Korea l Aug 2-5

Cho HyungDong l Busan Film Commission Education Management Section Chief of Strategy & Business Department | Festival Guest l South Korea l Aug 2-5

Tang Wan Xin l SeaShorts Competition ‘White Carnations’ Film Director l Singapore l Aug 1-5

Phạm Quang Trung l SeaShorts Competition ‘The Ant-Man’ Film Director l Vietnaml Aug 1-5

Vongphasith Chanphakeo l SeaShorts Competition ‘A Long Way Home’ Film Actor l Laosl Aug 1-5

Kritsada Nakagate l SeaShorts Competition ‘Another Dimension’ Film Director l Thailand l Aug 1-3

Nicole Midori Woodford l SeaShorts Competition ‘Permanent Resident’ Film Director l Singapore l Aug 1-5

Tan Wei Ting l SeaShorts Competition ‘CA$H’ Film Director l Singapore l Aug 1-5

Patipol Teekayuwat l SeaShorts Competition & S-Express Thailand ‘Bangkok Dystopia’ Film Director l Thailand l Aug 1-3

Maria Margarita Villegas Mina l SeaShorts Competition ‘Puppy Love’ Film Director l Philippinesl Aug 1-5

Ismail Umar Ahmad l SeaShorts Competition ‘Joko’ Film Producer l Indonesia l Aug 1-5

Hoang Minh Thuy l SeaShorts Competition Adults Don’t Say Sorry’ Film Producer l Vietnaml Aug 1-5

Chia Chee Sum l SeaShorts Competition & Next New Wave Competition ‘High Way’ Film Director l Malaysial Aug 1-5

Audrie Yeo l SeaShorts Competition & Next New Wave Competition ‘It’s Easier to Raise Cattle’ Film Editor l Malaysia l Aug 1-5

Muzzamer Rahman l SeaShorts Competition & Next New Wave Competition ‘A Girl From Another Cosmos’ Film Director l Film Forum Panel Member l Malaysia l Aug 3-5

Ooi Wei Seng l SeaShorts Competition & Next New Wave Competition ‘Endau River’ Film Director l Malaysia l Aug 1-5

Azhar Bin Salleh l SeaShorts Competition & Next New Wave Competition ‘The Fish’ Film Director l Malaysia l Aug 1-5

Boy Wen Chuen l SeaShorts Competition & Next New Wave Competition ‘The Bitter Sweet Watermelon’ Film Director l Malaysia l Aug 1-5

Soo Tzee Zziung Bennial l SeaShorts Competition & Next New Wave Competition ‘Homeless ‘ Film Director l Malaysia l Aug 1-5

Lee Yve Vonn l SeaShorts Competition & Next New Wave Competition ‘Black Hole Monster’ Film Producer l Malaysia l Aug 3-5

New Chun Hui l SeaShorts Competition & S-Express Malaysia ‘After Tango’ Film Director l Malaysia l Aug 1-5

Muhammad Isyraqi Bin Yahya l S-Express Malaysia ‘Walid Mahu Bikin Filem’ Film Director I Malaysia l Aug 1-5

Ryandi Pratama l S-Express Indonesia ‘Barakabut’ Film Director l Indonesia l Aug 1-5

Carl Adrian Chavez l S-Express Philippines ‘Sorry for the Inconvenience’ Film Director l Philippines l Aug 1-5

Koh Xuan Ning Nikki l The Window is Closed, Partially ‘Salted Egg’ Film Director l Singapore l Aug 1-5