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SeaShorts 2018: Competition

20 short films from Southeast Asia compete for Purin Award, Best Cinematography, and Best Post Production. The short films are selected based on their individual approaches in filmmaking and unique portrayal of the themes that surround the regional realm. The films range in thematic explorations; from the tenderness of youth and introspective confessionals, the alien familiarity of spaces and the meaning of home, to the imagery of the body in the cusps of sexuality and so much more. The filmmakers tackle these ideas with thoughtful decisions, mise-en-scène and technique – each world designed with careful use of colours, camerawork, sound design and sensitivity of space and environment.

The most exciting thing about Southeast Asia, is the inspiring fact that in this small lesser known region of the world, there are artists and filmmakers that are self-sustaining and constantly push to create works for the cinematic art form, sometimes with extraordinary caliber, and on rare, blissful occasions they manage to emerge on the world stage to a bigger audience; creating wonder in the constant face of limitation and search of an identity.

*All SEA Competition screenings will be at Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Bangunan U.A.B., Gat Lebuh China, George Town.


2nd August | Info Hall | 1330 – 1530
4th August | Event Hall | 1000 – 1200

Another Dimension | เงาสูญสิ้นแสง
Kritsada Nakagate | Thailand | 2018 | Thai | 25 mins
The discovery of an actual communist brings changes to a childhood misunderstanding.

Directors Biography: Kritsada Nakagate is a film student from Thailand who has made three short films: ‘Undercovered Memory’ (2016), ‘Under The Carpet’ (2016), and ‘Another Dimension’ (2018).

CA$H | 一万八 
Tan Wei Ting | Singapore | 2018 | Mandarin, English | 12 mins
Four cashier aunties lock themselves up inside a supermarket to protest against their job losses.

Directors Biography: Tan Wei Ting is a freelance screenwriter and offline editor in Singapore who enjoys watching honest stories being told. ‘CA$H’ (2018) is her directorial debut.

A Long Way Home | Kub Ban
Xaisongkham Induangchanthy | Laos | 2017 | Lao | 19 mins
A Lao-American man brings his father’s ashes to Laos in order to fulfill his last wish – to return home.

Directors Biography: Xaisongkham, a 2012 Asian Film Academy alumni, completed his Master’s Degree in Filmmaking in New York under the Fulbright Scholarship in 2015. He has created short fiction and documentary, with the latter, ‘Because I am a Girl…’ (2016) funded by NHK.

High Way
Chia Chee Sum | Malaysia | 2017 | Malay | 18 mins
Danial travels back and forth a public housing flat for his parents, and his beloved t-shirt.

Directors Biography: Chia Chee Sum (born 1983, Kuala Lumpur) took part in the Asian Film Academy at Busan International Film Festival in 2007. Through film-making, animation and photography, he tells stories about the peripheral everyday life inspired by urban dwellers.


2nd August | Info Hall | 1800 – 2000
4th August | Event Hall | 1530 – 1730

A Second Chance | E-po
Pom Bunsermvicha, Parinee Buthrasri | Thailand | 2017 | Thai | 18 mins
A caretaker is reminded to check on 85-year-old grandma E-po, and her gambling problem.

Directors Biography: Pom Bunsermvicha is a director and producer. Her 35mm short film, ‘10:10’, has been screened at BFI Flare and Inside Out Toronto. Meanwhile, Parinee Buthrasri works as a producer and cinematographer. Recently, she was the line producer of ‘By the Time It Gets Dark’.

Five Trees | 五丛树下    
Nelson Yeo | Singapore | 2017 | Mandarin | 10 mins
A chance encounter leads a pair of old ex-lovers to reunite under the Five Trees.

Directors Biography: Nelson Yeo is a Singaporean filmmaker who participated in the Berlinale Talents Tokyo in 2014, as well as the BiFan Fantastic Film School and Autumn Meeting in 2015 and 2016. Currently, he is working on his debut feature film.

The Ant-Man | Người Kiến
Phạm Quang Trung | Vietnam | 2017 | Vietnamese | 26 mins
The daily life of a gay man whose body is inhabited by ants.

Directors Biography: Phạm Quang Trung learned about cinema while studying scriptwriting at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities back in 2010. Then in 2012, he assisted Brazilian filmmaker, Maurisio Osaki, in his ‘My Father’s Truck’ project. ‘The Ant-Man’ is his debut film.

Clouded | Diliman
TJ Collanto | Philippines | 2017 | Tagalog, Hiligaynon, Ilocano, English | 14 mins
A Filipino family is pulled apart en route delivering catering for their niece’s wedding in London.

Directors Biography: TJ Collanto is a Filipino filmmaker who was raised in Chicago, USA. He received his MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School and has directed five short films, while working as a production designer and camera operator.


3rd August | Info Hall | 1200 – 1400
4th August | Event Hall | 2030 – 2230

Bangkok Dystopia
Patipol Teekayuwat | Thailand | 2017 | Thai | 29 mins
One night, Noth desires to share a ride with a prostitute.

Directors Biography: Patipol Teekayuwat is a graduate of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang with a degree in Film and Digital Media.

Jodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month
Carlo Francisco Manatad | Philippines | 2017 | Filipino | 14 mins
Jodilerks, a gas station attendant, is on her last day of duty.

Directors Biography: Carlo Francisco Manatad is a Filipino film director and editor based in Manila.

White Carnations | 康乃馨
Tang Wan Xin | Singapore | 2017 | Chinese | 11 mins
A single mother struggles with the futility of her relationship with her special needs son.

Directors Biography: Wan Xin’s interest lies in issue-based subjects and unconventional characters. She hopes to reveal truths that reality often conceals and to challenge existing ideologies. To her, cinema should always be about its people and for its people. 

It’s Easier to Raise Cattle | Lagi Senang Jaga Sekandang Lembu
Amanda Nell Eu | Malaysia | 2017 | Malay | 18 mins
Two teenage outcasts form an uncanny friendship in their remote village. As one discovers the other’s dark secrets, she observes the changes in her new friend that reaches the point of violence, monstrosity, and affection.

Directors Biography: Amanda has directed short films based in the UK and Malaysia. She is currently developing her first feature film set in Malaysia. In her work she likes to explore the female identity within the context of South East Asia.


3rd August | Info Hall | 1700 – 1900
5th August | Event Hall | 1230 – 1430

Puppy Love | Nung Nawala Ang Aso Ko
Margarita Mina | Philippines | 2017 | Filipino | 18 mins
A young girl’s dog escapes and leaves her with an open wound in her vagina.

Directors Biography: Margarita Mina is a film graduate from the University of the Philippines Diliman. She sees the world in hues of magenta and violet. She also enjoys telling stories about girls and children.

Between Us Two
Tan Wei Keong | Singapore | 2017 | Chinese, English | 5 mins
A gay son talks to his dead mother.

Directors Biography: Wei Keong’s animation has been screened at many film festivals, including those at Annecy and Edinburgh. He received the “Special Achievement”, “Special Mention” and “Best Singapore Short Film” awards at Singapore International Film Festival (2007, 2009, 2017).

Between Us Two
Tan Wei Keong | Singapore | 2017 | Chinese, English | 5 mins
A gay son talks to his dead mother.

Directors Biography: Wei Keong’s animation has been screened at many film festivals, including those at Annecy and Edinburgh. He received the “Special Achievement”, “Special Mention” and “Best Singapore Short Film” awards at Singapore International Film Festival (2007, 2009, 2017).

Our Home Says All About Us
Pasit Tandaechanurat | Thailand | 2017 | Thai | 26 mins
A son returns to his house of dream and reality.

Directors Biography: Pasit Tandaechanurat is a graduate of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang’s Department of Film and Digital Media. He has made several short films, short documentary and was also the runner-up of the Duke Awards (Documentary Category) in the 20th Thai Short Film & Video Film Festival 2016.


3rd August | Info Hall | 2030 – 2230
5th August | Event Hall | 1500 – 1700

Death of the Sound Man | Awasarn Sound Man
Sorayos Prapapan | Thailand, Myanmar | 2017 | Thai | 16 mins
Two sound recordists working on the final mix of a short film. Will their sounds be heard by someone?

Directors Biography: Sorayos Prapapan (born 1986, Bangkok) has directed many short films. In 2017, he made his latest short film ‘Death of the Soundman’ which premiered in the Venice Film Festival, Orizzonti section.

Permanent Resident
Nicole Midori Woodford | Singapore | 2017 | Teochew, Mandarin, English | 20 mins
A woman’s obsession with a quarry, “Little Guilin”, grows as she pretends to purchase a house.

Directors Biography: Nicole Midori Woodford is a Singaporean film director, writer, and editor. She is developing her debut feature film ‘You Are There’, which has been awarded at SEAFIC Lab 2017 and recently selected at Torino Film Lab 2018. It explores supernatural trauma and transnational familial ties through a young girl.

Adults Don’t Say Sorry | Nguoi Lon Khong Noi Xin Loi
Duong Dieu Linh | Vietnam | 2017 | Vietnamese | 13 mins
Madam Tam is going through a one-month cold war with her ignorant husband. But tonight, he is coming home.

Directors Biography: Linh Duong (born 1990) is a Vietnamese independent filmmaker. She has completed a trilogy of shorts about middle-aged women and their sufferings, which is largely influenced by her mother. Linh is currently developing her feature debut.

Kampung Tapir
Aw See Wee | Malaysia | 2017 | Mandarin, Malay, English | 17 mins
The struggles of making a living and searching for a better life plagues Anne.

Directors Biography: Aw See Wee (born Johor, Malaysia) is a graduate of National Taiwan University of Arts. His works centre around family relationships and social issues.