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My Video Making Practice

My Video Making Practice is a community engagement project that blends an artist talk, screening and dialogue in which Gan Siong King reflects on his works from the last decade. He will be sharing some key ideas and the circumstances behind his video making practice, in the process weaving together technical aspects of filmmaking with his personal narrative as an artist navigating through the mass digital migration of everything in the last decade. MVMP aims to facilitate conversations on art and artmaking, with a focus on moving images and sound as a form.

After the screening, there will be a conversation between artist Gan Siong King, SeaShorts artistic director Tan Chui Mui, and emerging filmmaker Chloe Yap Mun Ee about personal approaches to the moving image, and its alternative possibilities.


Gan Siong King

Gan Siong King is a visual artist currently based in Kuala Lumpur. He tells people he make paintings and video works. But actually, he makes meaning. Siong King’s artistic practice revolves around unpacking expectations of the status quo and art into simpler parts. Then rearranging these parts in different ways to imagining other ways of seeing. He approaches his painting as objects, concepts and a genre. Often using representation/copying as a theme to explore different subjects. His videos are a counterpoint to his paintings. Where storytelling precedes concepts. They always include other people and their concerns. And usually feature imagery and themes of work/labor. Currently he is developing writing and exhibition-making as a bridge for communication and collaboration with others.