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SeaShorts 2018: Next New Wave Competition

This competition aims to not only discover new and emerging filmmaking talents in Malaysia, but pulling apart the words “Next”, “New” and “Wave” in the name of the award, we also hope to show unique and strong directorial voices; to encourage undertakings that are brave, sensitive and challenging… in order to continue on our search for our own voices in cinema…

*All NNW Competition screenings will be at Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Bangunan U.A.B., Gat Lebuh China, George Town.


2nd August | Info Hall | 1600 – 1730
4th August | Event Hall | 1800 – 1930

Black Hole Monster | 记忆
Sim Seow Khee | Malaysia | 2018 | Mandarin | 8 mins  
After school, a boy walks along the river, capturing every moment with his camera.

Directors Biography: Sim Seow Khee, a graduate of National Taiwan University of Arts, is an independent filmmaker from Kuala Lumpur. In 2010, he participated in the Golden Horse Film Academy. He is currently developing his first feature-length narrative, ‘Ronin of Time’.

The Fish | Daing
Azhar Salleh | Malaysia | 2018 | Sabahan Malay, Mapun, Tagalog, English | 26 mins  
The stateless children of Sabah struggle to survive as outcasts in their own land.

Directors Biography: Azhar Salleh (born 1990, Sabah) is currently a student pursuing his Masters of Communication in Screen Studies in the University of Science Malaysia. He was formerly a makeup artist attached to M.A.C, and a part-time wedding planner in Penang.

Kampung Tapir
Aw See Wee | Malaysia | 2017 | Mandarin, Malay, English | 17 mins The struggles of making a living and searching for a better life plagues Anne. 

Directors Biography: Aw See Wee (born Johor, Malaysia) is a graduate of National Taiwan University of Arts. His works centre around family relationships and social issues.


3rd August | Info Hall | 1000 – 1130
5th August | Event Hall | 1030 – 1200

Endau River | Sungai Endau
Ooi Wei Seng | Malaysia | 2017 | Malay | 13 mins
Whether Tioman Island belongs to Pahang or Johor, that is the question.

Directors Biography: Ooi Wei Seng is a ‘village boy’ from Kedah, a northern state in Malaysia. Ooi then furthered his studies in the Communication University of China. He has produced short films like ‘Jamboree’ and ‘Kampung Tapir’.

High Way
Chia Chee Sum | Malaysia | 2017 | Malay | 18 mins  
Danial travels back and forth a public housing flat for his parents, and his beloved t-shirt.

Directors Biography: Chia Chee Sum (born 1983, Kuala Lumpur) took part in the Asian Film Academy at Busan International Film Festival in 2007. Through film-making, animation and photography, he tells stories about the peripheral everyday life inspired by urban dwellers.

Homeless | 小白船
Soo Tzee Zziung Bennial | Malaysia | 2018 | Chinese | 20 mins
Lily, burdened by all sorts of problems, decides to sell one of the children to Mrs. Goh.

Directors Biography: Soo Tzee Zziung Bennial (born Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is a student in the Department of Film and TV, I-Shou University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Soo has served as producer and assistant director in some short film projects. ‘Homeless’ (2018) is his first 20-minute short film.


3rd Aug | Info Hall | 1500 – 1630
5th Aug | Event Hall | 1730 – 1900

After Tango
Hui New | Malaysia | 2017 | Mandarin | 15 mins
Two young film students trying to make sense of life. In the end, they become more lost than ever.

Directors Biography: “I’m New from Port Dickson. I’m waiting for my friends to come back together and make something to kill all the mosquitoes because they are too noisy.” – Hui New

Roti Tampal or; A Girl From Another Cosmos | Roti Tampal atau; Gadis dari Kosmos Lagi Satu
Muzzamer Rahman | Malaysia | 2018 | Malay | 9 mins  
A man on a search for an idea. While reflecting upon the situation, he begins to dream beyond the cosmos.

Directors Biography: Muzzamer Rahman graduated in 2013 with a degree in Creative Technology (Screen) from the Faculty of Film, Theater and Animation, MARA University of Technology, Malaysia. He began his career as a writer for magazines, television and short films.

The Bitter Sweet Watermelon
Boy Wen Chuen | Malaysia | 2018 | Mandarin | 11 mins  
Chai and Ngong Ngong are on the search for something missing. In the end, they follow the advice of a fortune teller – throw watermelons into the sea.

Directors Biography: Boy Wen Chuen (born 1995, Kampar) currently studies cinematography in UNIMAS, Sarawak. ‘The Bitter Sweet Watermelon’ (2018) is a group assignment project made with fellow coursemates Lee Kah Kei and Yow Kai Ching.

It’s Easier to Raise Cattle | Lagi Senang Jaga Sekandang Lembu
Amanda Nell Eu | Malaysia | 2017 | Malay | 17 mins
Two teenage outcasts form an uncanny friendship but as one discovers the other’s dark secrets, she observes the changes in her friend to the point of violence, monstrosity, and affection.

Directors Biography: Amanda has directed short films based in the UK and Malaysia. She is currently developing her first feature film set in Malaysia. In her work, she likes to explore the female identity within the context of Southeast Asia.