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SeaShorts 2018: Festival Team

Festival Director
TAN CHUI MUI is a Malaysian film director who has been actively working in Malaysian independent film industry. She’s one of the pioneers during Malaysian New Wave Cinema in the early 2000s. Her short films have won numerous prizes and awards in European festivals and her first feature film Love Conquers All won the New Currents Awards and Fipresci Award at the 11th Busan International Film Festival in 2006 and the Tiger Award from the 36th International Film Festival Rotterdam. In 2015, she inaugurated Young Filmmakers Workshop under Next New Wave with the support of National Film Development Corporation (FINAS). Mui is currently focusing on nurturing young talents by organizing film-related workshops to offer a unique platform for growing film talents in Malaysia to learn from established filmmakers in the region.

Festival Programme Manager
JACKY YEAP was born in 1992 in Taiping, Perak. He started to join film industry right after graduation, being an intern in Da Huang Pictures since June 2015 and in a short span of time, made numbers of short films. He does everything: sometimes he is the technical manager; sometimes the programme manager; sometimes the project coordinator; sometimes an editor, sometimes a sound man…that’s the reason why his first feature film title is called Sometime, Sometime.

Festival Manager
HAN LOONG LIM was born in 1992 in Ipoh, Perak. He’s a young, aspiring film director and actor in screenplay who started to get involved in the industry since 2012. His work The Way We Love was selected as the finalist of Astro New Director Award 2014 and also SKT Short Film Competition 2015, which was recognized as ASEAN Top 10 in the competition. His short film 1304km: Girl from Sumatra  (2016) was selected entered as the finalist of BMW Shorties Competition. If you meet him, don’t address him as the festival manager. He said he’s in charge of running errands in the festival.

Project Coordinator
NICOLE TAN, a 20-year-old fresh graduate born in Kuala Lumpur, is the youngest among our team members. Her involvement in film and stage play has already registered in theatre sets as production designer and assistant producer. She was also the wardrobe and assistant continuity manager for Century Alliance Network. Nicole is now completing her internship in Da Huang Pictures and at the same time helps to run a film club called Cinephilia. After SEASHORTS, she will continue pursuing her studies in film. Despite being the youngest, she is also the most chill among us. If you’re curious about how easy or difficult to deal with the team members, ask her!

Hospitality Manager
ROU NING TEH was born in Penang in 1993. Rou started to work the industry in 2016 as freelance videographer and photographer. From 2017 to 2018, her experiences extended from being the prop master and pre-production crew in film sets to the 2nd Assistant Director for the feature film Polis Evo 2. Rou’s works Hin won the Best Video Award in Kaki Lima Short Film Competition 2016 and Get Chu Ki won the Funniest Award in Yeo’s I Love Malaysia Video Competition. Rou is known for talking to the computer screen. So if you get your room number mixed up, you know where to look for her.

Publicity Manager
ELISE SHICK was born in 1992 in Kluang, Johor. She worked as a research assistant in University of Nottingham, researching on Malaysian film industry and delivering a radio show titled Unpacking Malaysian Cinema on BFM 89.9 The Business Station. Elise’s interests range from writing, acting to volunteering and they are always changing. If you want to be under the spotlight during the festival, go talk to her. She will put you on Facebook, Instagram or even in a blog!

Graphic Designer
PEY SIEN LOW was born in 1991. Kuantan, Pahang is her home. She became a driven filmmaker whose interest revolves around urban spatial qualities. She built up her filmography as the director, cinematographer, and editor in her short films Invisible Old Klang Road (2016) and Keroncong Kuala Lumpur II that was screened during Tracing Calvino’s Art/Literary Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur and Typewriter Art Exhibition respectively. Give her a look of appreciation or a charming smile if you like our festival posters and booklet. This will definitely make her day.