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SeaShorts 2018: Love Letters to/from Japan


Kenji Hayashi | Philippines | 2017 | 8 mins

A university student who faces a confusing situation in choosing the right colour for herself.

Participants Name: Kenji Hayashi (Director), Brainard Bill Barrinuevo (Producer), Anthony Saleh Ngau, Katrina Ysabel Villarosa, Herry Setyadi,Tin Chanabangkaew
Participant Country: Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand
Mentors Name: Makoto Watanabe


Attawut Intagoon | Philippines | 2017 | 7 mins

An unlikely meet-up between a food blogger and a local tour guide sees the development a relationship beyond friendship.

Participants Name: Attawut Intagoon (Director), Lorenzo Miguel B. Hilario (Producer), Evan Secunda, Nehemiah Yap Jia Sheng, Koichiro Ishii, Alphonzo C. Alegrado    
Participant Country: Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan
Mentors Name: Nuntanat Duangtisarn and Yusmita Akhirul Latif


Nur Ikmar Bin Sarbini | Philippines | 2017 | 6 mins

Jade brings Kelly to a local stand-alone cinema as a surprise birthday celebration. This, however, grants Kelly an unexpected cinematic experience reminiscent of her past.

Participants Name: Nur Ikmar Bin Sarbini (Director), Katrina May B. Banaag (Producer), Egha Muhammad Harismina, Supakit Sonsee, Kento Fukuda, John Peter Cadiz Chua, Gilan Paolo P. Ilagan    
Participant Country: Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan
Mentors Name: Yow Chong Lee, Sari Raissa Lluch Dalena


Jirakan Sakunee | Japan | 2018 | 10 mins

As the idiom states, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, “The Image of Secrets” portrays the meaning of secrets and the importance of telling-keeping secrets by asking people to draw their personal ‘image of secret’.

Participants Name: Jirakan Sakunee (Director), Daiju Yoshida (Producer), Ryota Kusama, Moeri Hirose, Tran Huu Thanh, Kasmirul Iqmal Noruden, Wravong Phrachanh
Participant Country: Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Laos
Mentors Name: Makoto Watanabe, Utako Koguchi, Takuya Misawa


Herald Nyumbang Anak Nyulim | Japan | 2018 | 9 mins

A young couple meets in a train station and experience love at first sight. While their relationship starts easy, things aren’t going as easy for them.

Participants Name: Herald Nyumbang Anak Nyulim (Director), Kyohei Horikawa (Producer), Nguyen Diep Thuy Anh, Sarun Kositsukjaroen, Sho Fujimoto, Phoutthanome Keopaseuth, Akane Sasaki
Participant Country: Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos
Mentors Name: Makoto Watanabe, Utako Koguchi, Takuya Misawa


Ekin Kee Charles | Japan | 2018 | 13 mins

The lost-and-founds in the laundry somehow connects strangers to form a friendship, one that slowly expands out from the coin laundry to the street and the park.

Participants Name: Ekin Kee Charles (Director), Mayuko Ashizawa (Producer/Screenplay), Nguyen Le Hoang Viet, Kim Myoungyoon, Myumyu Higashiyama, Witchayoot Ponpraserd, Mayuko Okada, Xayaveth Keovilay
Participant Country: Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Republic of Korea, Thailand and Laos
Mentors Name: Makoto Watanabe, Utako Koguchi, Takuya Misawa