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Dain Said

Doing Time

…scribbles, writing, death…

A rumination as notes, scribbles. sketches and writing to take us beyond the page, in this paragraph in our lives, marking this time the way gravestones will mark our place in the world, Writing can be an escape, either via fantasy or re-imagining our realities, as I work the images in the limited spaces of my apartment or the narrow streets below, with a different take via the same eyes, while we are doing time.

Doing Time


DAIN Said works images of prowlers in the city, dead-end people in alleys, magical animals in the human, folklore from Nusantara, preferring crowded jungle and animist mantras; more is more. He has shown his films in Locarno, Rotterdam, and Toronto, and video installations in Sydney Biennale, Vancouver Ethnographic Museum, and documentaries to friends. He also scribbles, doodles to write a life out of trouble and likes his poison neat; the only way in a broken land.