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Curated by Gertjan Zuilhof, Unlocked is a digital exhibition featuring the works of 7 Southeast Asian filmmakers: The Maw Naing (Myanmar), Mouly Surya (Indonesia), Jet Leyco (Philippines), Sivaroj Karn Kongsakul (Thailand), Amanda Nell Eu (Malaysia), Dain Said (Malaysia), and Tan Chui Mui (Malaysia). Ruminating on ideas of distance, displacement, and the mechanisms of coping with prolonged seclusion, Unlocked proposes a glimpse into the lives and practices of cosmopolitan artists who are forced into isolation as a result of the ongoing pandemic that disrupted innumerable events, programmes, and projects; impacting the arts and cinema at an extraordinary scale and intensity.


Amanda Nell Eu
Dain Said
Jet Leyco
Mouly Surya
Sivaroj Karn Kongsakul
Tan Chui Mui 
The Maw Naing


Gertjan Zuilhof

Curatorial Assistant / Producer

Alfonse Chiu

Platform Design

Alex Wen

Organised as part of SeaShorts Film Festival 2021